USB vs. 3.5mm Microphone [Which One is Better and Why?]

Technology may fascinate tech-geeks, but it causes a dilemma for most people. A microphone is one of the basic pieces of equipment which everyone needs to attend a meeting, online class or record videos, etc. There are two popular microphone kinds in the market; a USB microphone and the 3.5mm microphone.

You are not alone if you are confused about which one to get. Unfortunately, not many people have a clear-cut idea about what they want. Before getting a microphone, you must evaluate your budget and what you are looking for.

The USB vs. 3.5mm microphone debate has been long ongoing. While some people may find a USB microphone perfect, others find a 3.5mm microphone more convenient. Hence, we decided to dive into the debate and weigh the pros and cons ourselves. Dive into the article to determine which microphone will work best for you. Let’s go!

What is a USB microphone?

A USB microphone is a wonderful device that works sufficiently in most situations, such as a conference call and recording voiceovers. It connects to the USB port of the computer and starts working immediately. However, you must see if your computer has a USB-compatible port or not.

There are a few USB microphones on the market, and your ultimate choice depends on why you buy them. However, getting a cardioid microphone with a unidirectional polar pattern is always better. It picks up the sound from a direct source, canceling the background noise.

Why is a USB microphone worth buying?

A USB microphone is a great option, especially because its plug-and-play compatibility is great with most devices. If you own a home-based studio, it is an affordable option that works best to record sounds with clarity. One of the best parts about the USB microphone because it comes in handy and is extremely easy to use.

A USB microphone has the same audio output regardless of your computer. Most computers come with a USB output; hence, connecting it won’t be much of an issue. A USB microphone is a brilliant choice to record voices with different intensities, timber, pitches, etc.

What is a 3.5mm microphone?

What is a 3.5mm microphone?

A 3.5mm microphone is a good replacement for a USB microphone with added functionalities, most older computer models don’t have a USB jack, but all devices have a 3.5mm audio jack. Hence, it makes a 3.5mm microphone a versatile piece and easier to use.

A 3.5mm microphone can easily connect to the audio jack with multiple sound interfaces. You should opt for a 3.5mm microphone if you want your sound to appear crisper and add clarity. A 3.5mm USB works best for professional recording as it includes the advantages of special sound features.

Why is a 3.5mm microphone worth buying?

A 3.5mm microphone is worth buying as it is easy to plug in and versatile. Every laptop and computer has a 3.5mm audio jack with a special sound feature. It makes your sound appear crisper and clearer, which is necessary for important meetings, recording, etc.

A 3.5mm microphone gives you more control in bettering the sound quality. On the other hand, people don’t face any latency issues with the microphone. If you have important meetings to attend every once in a while, a 3.5mm microphone may be a great choice.

USB vs. 3.5mm microphone- Which One is Better?

USB vs. 3.5mm Microphone [Which One is Better and Why?]

Microphones are integral to most people’s lives, especially since everything is moving online. You need a microphone to record sound, attend a meeting, or record instruments if you are a musician. We are discussing the differences and similarities to clarify which microphone is best for you. Here you go:

Similarities between USB and 3.5mm microphone

Before we jump in to see how both microphones are different from each other, let’s discuss a few similarities:

●     Easy to use

The basic similarity between both microphones is that they are easy to use. A computer with a USB port is compatible with a USB microphone. As soon as you plug in the USB microphone, it starts working smoothly.

On the other hand, a 3.5mm microphone is also a great choice for people who have difficulty using technology. You can connect it to the audio jack and gain the benefits of the sound specialties.

●     Similar audio output

Both USB and 3.5mm microphones provide the same audio output no matter which computer you plug in. The sound quality does not disrupt or scatter if you use an older computer.

Differences between USB and 3.5mm microphone

The USB and 3.5mm have more differences than similarities which we are going to discuss below:

●     Compatibility with devices

A USB microphone is compatible with devices that have USB ports. Not many devices have a USB port, especially the older ones. Hence, its compatibility is not the best with most devices and isn’t versatile.

A 3.5mm microphone is the best because every laptop and computer has a 3.5mm audio jack. The microphone starts working as soon as you plug it in. It has great plug-in compatibility with new and old generation laptops.

●     Audio clarity

A USB microphone has good audio clarity; however, you need to use a unidirectional one. It does not integrate with many sound efficiencies within the device. It works better for conferencing as it does not have an extra wiring limitation that disperses the sound.

A 3.5mm microphone is good as it adds more crispness and clarity. It takes leverage of the sound card features to enhance clarity. However, it does have an additional wire which may produce static noise. Otherwise, it is great for recording instruments and voice overs.

●     Latency and cost

A USB microphone has a few latency issues that people face often. However, it is much cheaper than other microphones.

On the other hand, a 3.5 microphone is not cheaper and can cost you a little more than you expect. However, it has no latency, and high-quality sound makes up for the cost.

When and why should we use a USB or 3.5mm microphone?

When and why should we use a USB or 3.5mm microphone?

A USB microphone is easier to use if you have a USB port on your laptop or computer. It works best for people who want to attend conferences and give online lectures. However, you must ensure you use a directional microphone for a crisper sound.

On the other hand, a 3.5mm microphone is more versatile and perfect for professional use. It works wonders for recording voice overs and instrumentals. It has better compatibility with older laptops making the sound appear crisper and adding more clarity.


The USB vs. 3.5mm microphone debate has been going around for a while. Hence, we took the advantage to dive into the matter and see which is a better choice for us. If you are running on a budget, a USB microphone will work better, especially if you have a USB port on your computer. However, a 3.5mm microphone is always a better option to add sharpness and clarity to the sound.

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