How to Test Microphone On Mac & Windows?

 Is it annoying to ask people if they can hear you during an important meeting? “Hey, can you hear me?” is probably the first thing you ask before even greeting someone on a video call. Sometimes, we wish there was a way of testing a microphone on our own. You are lucky! Because there are a few methods to do that. 

You can test a microphone on Windows, on PC, and also on your phone. The methods are simple and help you feel confident when attending a seminar or an important meeting. Also, knowing how to test your microphone will help determine if your microphone has some technical or if it is an internal issue. 

This article is about testing a microphone on different devices using distinct methods. Also, we will touch upon some of the ways to improve the audio quality to have a better experience. Let’s get started! 

Why is the Microphone not Working? 

Before we dive into the topics of microphones and how to fix the audio, it is essential to know some of the issues causing it not to work. There can be a few minor issues due to which a microphone may not work. Here are some: 

The mic is on Mute 

One of the reasons why your microphone may not be working is because it is on mute. When we are in a hurry to connect to a meeting, we forget to unmute the mic. By default, most apps keep the microphone on mute, which you can unmute at your convenience.  

There is a microphone icon on the left side which you can click to unmute. One of the signs that your microphone is on mute is when the icon has a bright red slash running through it. You can click on the icon, and the microphone will unmute. 

Volume is Low 

Another reason most microphones have an audio issue is that the volume is very low. To check the volume levels, you can click on the speaker icon on the taskbar. When you click on the soundbar, a volume panel will open. 

You can drag the indicator across to increase the volume. On the other hand, you can go to the sound setting and click the microphone option. When you access the input setting, you get the option of increasing the microphone sound. It helps in making audio clearer. 

Mic not Permitted 

One of the common mistakes people make when joining an audio call is not allowing microphone access. When your click ‘doesn’t allow it, the app does not connect to the audio. Hence, you can’t hear anything, and people cannot hear you. In most cases, you have to disconnect and connect again to join the audio. 

How to Test Microphone Easily or Various Devices? 

There are a few valuable techniques that you can use to test a microphone. However, the methods for every device may vary. In this section, we will go over a few best strategies to test a microphone. 

These strategies will also work best to help improve the audio quality and make you feel more confident in joining an important meeting. Even if you are not tech-savvy, these strategies will still work to deliver better results. Let’s jump right in! 

Test Microphone for Windows 10 

People find testing a microphone for Windows 10 or a PC difficult. However, it is not an issue and takes only a few steps. One thing you should remember when testing a microphone is that it should always be attached to your PC. Here are a few simple steps: 

Step # 1: Go to Sound Settings 

The first step is to access the sound settings, which you can do directly from the taskbar or use the search tab. In the search tab, you can write settings to access the option. When the settings option is opened, you can open the ‘systems’ option and then go to sound settings. 

However, you can also do so directly from the taskbar by clicking on the sound icon. When you right-click on the sound icon, a few options appear. You can click on the open sound setting options for direct access. 

Step # 2: Change the Input Device 

One of the things that cause the microphone not to work is when the input device is not changed. When you use a microphone, it is set as a default. Even when you use a different microphone, the default setting does not change. 

Hence, it is best to change the input setting when you use a different microphone or the same one. You can click on the microphone option when you open the sound settings. You will see an input device option with a drop-down menu. 

A device will be set on default; you can change the device using the drop-down menu. You can select the microphone you use as an input device to move to the next step. 

Step # 3: Test the Microphone 

Lastly, you must test the microphone by clicking on the test option below. You must speak in the microphone when you click the test microphone option. The microphone works if the indicator beside the test option moves a little. 

Step # 4: Troubleshoot Error 

If the microphone indicator does not move while testing, there could be a technical error. However, you can still try to troubleshoot errors to fix minor issues. Mostly, troubleshooting can help fix the internal issue; otherwise, there could be a technical error. 

Test Microphone on MacOS 

MacOS also requires microphone testing, and you can do it in a few simple steps. It would be best to have the microphone attached to test it on the MacOS. Here are a few simple steps to do it: 

Step # 1: System Input Setting 

The first step is to go to the sound settings by clicking on the volume option in the taskbar. On the other hand, you can also open the sound set from the search tab. You have to open the ‘system preference’ tab, which will take you to the microphone option. Before you test the microphone, selecting the right microphone option is essential. 

Step # 2: Input Setting 

You will see an input window when you click on the microphone option. The default microphone setting is set on the initial mic you have used on the MacOS. If you have changed the microphone, you should select it using the drop-down menu. 

Step # 3: Change Input and Adjust Volume 

After changing the input, you can adjust the volume depending on your preference. You can swipe across the indicator to increase the volume. 

Step # 4: Test the Microphone 

There is a testing option below the input setting, which you can click on to perform the procedure. You must speak in the microphone; if the indicator moves, it works. 

Bonus Section- Test Microphone Online 

Sometimes, the microphone may be working on the PC, but when you use it on the app, it doesn’t work. The best way to test the microphone in such a case is using online testers. You can do the following to test the microphone online: 

Step #1: Microphone Test App 

You can test the microphone on online apps that you can open in the browser. There is a play button icon in the middle of the page. You can click on the play button to start testing. 

Step # 2: Allow Microphone Access 

When you click on the play button, you get the option to connect to the microphone. You have to allow microphone access to start testing. 

Step # 3: Test Microphone and Adjust Volume 

After you have access to the microphone, you can speak in it. If the indicator moves and spikes, it means the microphone is working. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How can I test the Microphone? 

We have mentioned above that there are more than a few ways to test the microphone. You can use different ways to test microphones for Windows and MacOS. Online microphone testing apps are also a great way to do it. 

How can I test myself and hear myself? 

To listen to yourself, you can go to the microphone setting in the sound panel and select the listen to option. You can test the microphone and also listen to your voice. It provides people an idea about how clear their voice is and how they sound. 


One of the greatest worries of tech-savvy podcasters is how to test a microphone. We have mentioned a few of the best ways to test microphones for MacOS and Windows. It takes less than a minute to complete the process. 

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