How to Fix High Pitch Noise from the Microphone?

When utilizing a microphone, it is not uncommon for a person from any part of the globe to encounter the problem of hearing high-pitched noise at the very least once in their lives. When you hear this noise, there are a few things that you should check, like your cables, drivers, loudness setting, power source, hardware, and many more. There are a variety of explanations that may be applicable if you possess a microphone and it is producing a high-pitched noise.

However, if you face such a situation, you don’t need to rust to the repairing center; you can fix the microphone at home. But if you don’t know How to Fix High Pitch Noise from the Microphone, don’t worry. In this article, you’ll get some of the finest solutions to fix the pitch of your high-pitched microphone. Let’s get started!

What is High Pitch Noise from Microphone?

High pitch noise from the microphone is an elevated sound that might be difficult to hear. This noise is typically generated by a microphone not operating properly or has been destroyed. The pitch of the sound also relates to how prominent the noise is. The higher the frequency, the more noticeable the noise will be.

Various things might be occurring and prompting your microphone to create a high pitch noise. To discover how to remedy high pitch sound from the microphone, you first establish what can be causing this issue. First and foremost, you should confirm that your audio equipment is not malfunctioning, old and worn out, or merely needs to be replaced. If your gear is damaged and cannot be repaired, it will likely create a high-pitched sound.

Methods to Fix High Pitch Noise from Microphone:

Methods to Fix High Pitch Noise from Microphone:
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Are you wondering how you can fix the high-pitched noise from your microphone? Let’s find out the answers in this section. There can be many reasons why your microphone is causing high-pitched noises. But if the microphone is not damaged or otherwise malfunctioning, the high-pitched noise must come from another source. The objective is to localize the cause of the problem and implement a solution.

To fix high-pitched noise from the microphone, follow the methods below:

Method #1 Try Checking Your Microphone Cables

Try Checking Your Microphone Cables
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If you are using a microphone and you hear a high-pitched noise emanating from it, you should first check all of the cords connecting it to your computer. You may skip this step if you are using a microphone that is Bluetooth enabled; nevertheless, the vast majority of standard microphones come with at least one USB cord for connecting purposes.

Examine the state of the wires to ensure that they are not deteriorating in any way and make any necessary repairs. Broken cables that are exposed to the outside environment and have holes or tears might have air seeping through them, which would cause the high-pitched sounds. It’s possible that the wires need to be replaced with new ones. In addition, check to see that the wires are not crossing each other, touching, or running across the computer’s power supply when it is resting on the ground.

Method #2 Poor DAC or ADC Isolation

Both DAC and ADC are acronyms for Digital-to-Analog Converters and Analog-to-Digital Converters, respectively. It is well known that the DAC is responsible for converting digital input code into an analog output signal. The ADC is responsible for providing analog signals over input power and converting them to digital data.

The ADC and DAC provide complementary but distinct roles for the microphone. As a result, they must never share the same power source. You will experience distortion if you continue to use the same power source.

Method #3 Ensure that Grounding Is Perfect

Every computer must be grounded to eliminate the risk of static electrical discharge, which is particularly dangerous during speeches. However, if the grounding is not done properly, a phenomenon known as ground looping will take place. It involves connecting various cables and devices over the same ground, which may result in sounds with an undesired high pitch, which will degrade the sound quality.

In light of this, we suggest you check the grounding in both your computer and your audio interface. In the process of checking the grounding, you will ensure that there is no electric static discharge taking place.

Method #4 Check Your Microphone Drivers

Check that the microphone drivers are connected and operating. It is highly recommended that you check the drivers because they may have stopped or become outdated. You will probably have no audio, flawed recording, or a silent microphone if you just installed a new Windows version with an outdated Microphone driver.

Follow these methods to resolve your microphone high pitched noise problem by verifying and upgrading the drivers:

Step 1: In your Start menu, search for Device Manager and select the first option that shows to launch it.

Step 2: In the device manager screen, choose Sound, video, and game controllers.

Step 3: After enlarging the option, your audio drivers should be visible. Right-click on your microphone’s driver name and select Properties. Visit the General tab to make sure the device is operating.

Note: It should be mentioned that the manufacturer will determine these drivers’ names, which can vary with computers from different manufacturers.

Step 4: If it’s not working properly, go to the driver tab and select the Update Driver option.

Method #5 Look for the Electromagnetic Interference

If you are still experiencing problems with the high-pitched sounds from the microphone, we recommend investigating the possibility of electromagnetic interference. This might happen when your equipment is overburdened with leftover power from other components. To avoid this, you could disconnect some of the items in your home and use other power sources.

Method #6 Get Rid of Faulty Hardware

Get Rid of Faulty Hardware
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If you have tried all of the solutions stated but are still hearing high-pitched noises from your microphone, this might be an early warning indication that the hardware inside it is broken or malfunctioning. This is something to keep in mind, particularly if your microphone is rather old and has suffered damage due to years of use.

You will likely be able to replace the microphone’s gear in certain instances, even if it is damaged. It is possible that the damage may not be repairable; if this is the case, your only option will be to purchase a new microphone.


Microphones are among your equipment’s most essential components, especially if you are a content creator. Since it’s too important, you wouldn’t want it to run into issues. One of the most common issues with microphones is high-pitched noises. But we hope that you know How to Fix High Pitch Noise from the Microphone after reading this article. So pick any of the solutions discussed in this article and get rid of the high-pitched noises from the microphone today!

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