Discord Microphone Not Working? Here’s How To Fix It.

introduction: Discord Microphone Not Working? Here’s How To Fix It.

Discord is an instant social messaging platform that helps us to stay connected with our peers. It acts as one of the best communication servers in a work environment and also in everyday life. However, people can experience quite a few glitches on the platform, including bad voice transfer. 

If you are having issues with the voice, your microphone might be the one to blame. A faulty microphone can hinder your conversations, stop your commentary, and not allow you to attend voice calls. However, there is nothing to worry about because you can easily fix the microphone glitch. 

Discord Microphone Not Working?

If you want to keep using Discord and its amazing communication benefits, it is best to figure out what is causing the microphone issue. Your microphone may not be working due to the smallest issue. Sometimes, it is on mute or not connected to the right hardware. 

We are here to help you through the process of fixing the microphone setting and figuring out if you need a new one. First, we will review some potential reasons why your microphone may not work. Next, we will suggest ways to fix the microphone using an in-built setting. Here you go! 

Reasons Why Microphone is not Working on Discord 

Before we jump on suggesting some ways to fix the microphone and make it work on Discord, discussing issues is also important. We tracked down some common microphone issues that could be causing audio difficulties. Here are some: 

Mute Setting 

If you are a new communication platform user, it may be hard for you to figure out some of the basic settings. Sometimes, the server moderators can cause the microphone default setting to be on mute. A user often overlooks that the microphone is on the mute setting. 
Hence, when you communicate, your audio does not deliver to the user you are speaking to. The best way to unmute the microphone is to see if the mute option is selected or not. The microphone icon will have a red slash if it is mute. You can click the microphone icon to unmute it. 

Lack of Drivers 

One of the reasons why your microphone is not working could be the lack of microphone drivers. Often, few PCs don’t have microphone drivers, and you have to install them. Hence, when you try to use the microphones, they don’t work. 

You must go to the sound settings and the sound panel to install the microphone drivers. You will see a microphone option there. Click the ‘microphone’ setting and start following the Microsoft instructions. You will also find a Microsoft Wizard option that comes in handy to set everything up. 

Low Volume 

A few volume settings in your laptop need to be set properly for better audio quality. Sometimes, you may turn the volume on to the lowest setting and forget to turn it back up. It could be a reason you cannot hear what people are saying and deliver a response. 

You can go to the sound settings, open the sound wheel and adjust the volume for better audio quality. Making simple changes in the sound ensures you receive a better sound quality. 

Wrong input or Faulty Install 

When you plug in a microphone in the PC, it becomes a default microphone selected every time you use audio. If you are using a different microphone, you should go to the sound settings and change the default microphone to the one you are using. It can help make your microphone start working better. 

On the other hand, there can be an issue with the Discord install, which is the sole reason your microphone isn’t working. You can fix the issue by reinstalling the software after deleting it from the system. Mostly, the re-installing can sort out the audio issues. 

Discord Microphone Not Working?

How to Fix Microphone Settings When Using Discord? 

If your microphone is not working on Discord, there can be a few reasons which we already discussed above. However, we will give you a few detailed methods to make the microphone work. Here are a few methods: 

Method # 1: Restart Software 

Sometimes, Discord may not function properly if you are not granted the required permission. When you run the software, you have to select a few options for video and audio. If you have selected the wrong options, the microphone might not work. Here is how to restart Discord: 

Step # 1: Exit Discord 

The first step is to close the Discord application and exit the window. The taskbar at the bottom indicates the applications you have open on your PC. You can right-click on the Discord software and exit the app by clicking on the ‘Exit Discord’ option. 

Step # 2: Run as Administrator 

The next step is to Run Discord as Administrator by searching it in the search tab. Right-click on the Discord software and select the ‘The run as Administrator option. You may have to enter the administrator password to run it. A few permission options will pop up, which you can select and give the app access to the microphone. 

Step # 3: Test the Microphone 

After restarting the app and running it as administrator, you must apply the settings and test the microphone. Mostly, this method works effectively to sort out minor audio issues. 

Method # 2: Unmute the Microphone 

Sometimes, the audio issues can be due to minor setting errors such as the default mute setting. The server moderator often sets the microphone set to mute. Your microphone is on mute when you log into a meeting or join a call. You have to unmute the microphone for audio clarity. Here is how to unmute the microphone: 

Step #1: Unmute Microphone on Profile 

You are probably on mute when you join an audio or video call. Mute is a default setting in most communication apps. However, when you join a call, you get an option of whether or not you would like to connect to the microphone. 

You can select ‘yes’ to unmute the microphone as soon as you join the call. Otherwise, go to your discord profile, right-click and select unmute. You can also select ‘server unmute,’ which you can access if you have server permission. 

Step # 2: Unmute While on Call 

When you are on the call with a friend or a client, you see a few options on your left side. You will see a gray microphone icon on the left. If the microphone has a red slash across it, it means you are on mute. You can click on the icon to unmute the microphone. 

Step # 3: Unmute the PC Sound 

One of the reasons why you have difficulty in hearing or audio delivery is because your PC volume is low. Despite unmuting on Discord, you can still have issues with sound if your PC volume is not set right. 

You can click on the sound icon on the taskbar to go to the volume settings or search in the search bar. You can set the volume to a higher level and also adjust the microphone sound. It will make the communication on Discord better. 

Method # 3: Select the Right Microphone 

When you use an external microphone on your PC, it is set as a default. When you plug in a different microphone, you must change the default setting to the current mic. Here is how you can do it: 

Step #1: Go to the Audio Settings 

You must go to the audio settings to change the default microphone. You can directly open sound settings by clicking on the sound icon in the taskbar. Select the video and audio option and click on the microphone. You will see a drop-down with an input setting option; click on it to select the current microphone. 

Step # 2: Adjust the Volume 

After selecting the right microphone, you must adjust the volume to ensure you are audible. You will find the volume settings in the input section, where you can adjust them. This helps you to ensure that the volume is not too low or the mic isn’t mute.’ 

Step # 3: Join the Call 

After selecting the right microphone, you can exit the settings window by pressing the Esc key or closing the tab. You can join the call to test the microphone and see if it’s working. 

Bonus Section- Additional Tips to Make Microphone Work on Discord 

The methods we mentioned above are a few of the ways that work most of the time to fix the audio. However, if the above methods don’t work for you, here are additional tips that could help. Try these out: 

Allow Software to Use your Microphone 

Sometimes, we don’t select the right microphone setting, which is why the audio does not transfer. Here is how to allow Discord to use your microphone: 

  1. Go to the settings option from the search bar and select the ‘privacy’ option. 
  2. Select the ‘app permission’ setting and click on the ‘Discord’ app option. 
  3. Amongst the many options, you will find the microphone setting. 
  4. Drag the toggle to turn on the microphone setting; it should turn Blue. 
  5. Your microphone setting will be enabled, and the audio transfer will be clearer. 

Enable Exclusive Mode 

Sometimes, your PC’s exclusive or certain modes can cause audio issues. One of the modes that can sort audio issues is an exclusive mode. Here is how you can turn it off: 

  1. Click the ‘Windows + I’ key to access the settings or search the search tab for it. 
  2. Go to the sound settings and select the ‘device properties’ option to ensure the right microphone is on default. 
  3. Select the ‘advanced setting’ and select the microphone option. 
  4. Click on the ‘exclusive mode’ option to select it and press ‘apply.’ 
  5. You will see that the microphone will start working, and the audio will be clearer. 

Re-install Discord 

Often, people face issues with the application, but the problem is sorted when you reinstall the app. Here is how to do it: 

  1. Right-click on the Discord app and click on delete. 
  2. Go to the search tab and search Discord; right-click on it to uninstall. 
  3. When the app is uninstalled, refresh or restart your PC/ 
  4. Install the Discord app again and give access to the PC and permission. 
  5. The microphone will start working after you reinstall the Discord app. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I enable the microphone on Discord? 

There are a few ways to enable a microphone on Discord. When you join a meeting or video call, the app asks permission to allow a microphone. You have to select enable or yes to provide the permission. You can also rejoin if you didn’t select the right option first. 

How do I fix input on Discord? 

You can fix input on Discord by visiting the sound setting and selecting the right microphone. The default microphone is always different if you use different mics frequently. Hence, it is essential to ensure you are using the right microphone. We have discussed the process in detail to help you with that. 


There can be a few reasons why your Discord microphone is not working. However, you can fix the issue easily if your microphone doesn’t have a technical error. The methods mentioned above are quite helpful in tackling microphone and audio issues. Make sure to try different methods if one does not work. 

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